Jul 162014

By Tammy Gray

Two new businesses may be on their way into town, according to Holbrook City Manager Ray Alley.

He noted that a building permit was issued for the building at the corner of Navajo Blvd. and West Arizona Street, where The Shoe Box and Top 20 music store was formerly located. According to Alley, remodeling work has already begun, and the new owners of the building plan to split the building into two stores.

Once work is complete, part of the building will house a Verizon Wireless store. The other part of the building will likely be turned into a small sandwich or deli-style restaurant. Alley noted that the owners are working with a popular franchise to try to bring the restaurant to Holbrook.

In addition to the potential new businesses, Alley explained that several building permits have been issued recently, indicating possible improvement in the local economy. Building permits have been issued for homes on Hutchinson Street, 12th Avenue and Blue Sage, as well as a new home near the LDS church on Spurlock Hill. He noted that although a permit has not yet been requested, it also appears new construction may be coming on Spurlock Avenue near Eighth Avenue.

In addition to private construction taking place around town, Alley pointed out that city crews have been busy completing road repairs. Work on Shreeve Avenue near McLaws Road is complete, and work on Erie Street has started.

The work on Erie includes replacing the old asphalt with new concrete. The old street is being removed one block at a time, one strip at a time, and concrete poured in its place. According to Alley, the work may not be complete prior to the start of the new school year due to the late start and delays caused by monsoon weather. He explained that city staff members have already contacted the school district to coordinate bus traffic if the project is not complete before school begins on July 30. School busses will take a small detour around the block being completed, if necessary.

Work on a water main near Park Elementary School has already been completed and will not affect traffic coming and going from the school.