Jul 302014

As the third-longest interstate in the nation, stretching from California to North Carolina, Interstate 40 is one of Arizona’s most heavily used highways for commercial vehicles. The daily heavy truck traffic, winter weather and summer monsoon storms take a toll on the roadway, and that’s why the Arizona Department of Transportation is investing in several pavement improvement projects along the I-40 corridor in northern Arizona.

Commercial vehicles account for approximately 25 percent of the overall traffic on I-40, the highest percentage of truck traffic on any Arizona highway. I-40 is in need of preventive maintenance and ADOT has a plan in place to resurface large segments of the highway, including several projects in progress.

Currently, ADOT has 12 pavement improvement projects along Arizona’s portion of the I-40 corridor that will be completed this summer, are ongoing or are included in the state’s 2015-19 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program.

Collectively, it’s a $132.4 million investment to resurface approximately 135 total miles of I-40, or 37.5 percent of the highway, which extends 360 miles across the state and intersects five counties.

Motorists traveling along I-40 between Kingman and Flagstaff need to be aware of two paving projects and a rock scaling project that could create delays.

ADOT recently started a $13.6 million project to upgrade a 15-mile segment between Rattlesnake Wash, five miles east of Kingman, and the US 93 junction (mileposts 57-72). The paving project is expected to be completed this fall.

Just east of this project is another resurfacing project that is scheduled for completion this summer from Ash Fork to Williams (mileposts 146-161). The $10.5 million project started last summer, but work stopped for a winter shutdown. In the same area, ADOT is also working on bridge rehabilitation projects from Ash Fork to west Ash Fork (mileposts 143-147).

Through early August, westbound I-40, just west of Parks, may have up to 30-minute delays as part of a rolling closure to allow crews to clear the roadway rock scaling operations. The work is part of a $1.6 million rockfall containment project which includes rock excavation and scaling, installing rock-fall netting and constructing a wider rock ditch. This westbound closure will be intermittent during rockfall excavation and scaling operations currently underway from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The 12 Interstate 40 paving projects include: Rattlesnake Wash to US 93 (mileposts 57-72), a $13.6 million project that is in progress; US 93 to Silver Springs Road (mileposts 72-80) a $6 million project slated for 2016; Willow to Markham Wash (mileposts 86-108), an $18 million project slated for 2016;Ash Fork to Williams (mileposts 146-161), a $10.5 million project that is in progress;Garland Prairie to Parks (mileposts 166-179), a $17 million project slated for 2016;Parks to Riordan Bridge (mileposts 179-191), a $13 million project slated for 2018;Walnut Canyon to Twin Arrows (mileposts 204-218), a $13.1 million project slated for 2015;Navajo County Line to Minnetoka (mileposts (250-259), a $12.2 million project slated for 2015;Holbrook to Sun Valley Road (mileposts 290-297), a $6.4 million project that will be completed this summer;Sun Valley Road to Washboard Road (mileposts 297-303), a $10 million project slated for 2016; Big Lithodendron to Petrified Forest National Park (mileposts 303-311), a $7.1 million project that will be completed this summer; and Allentown Road to the Arizona/New Mexico state line (mileposts 354-360), a  $5.5 million project slated for 2017.

ADOT advises drivers to proceed through or near work zones with caution, to slow down, and to be alert for construction equipment and personnel.

For the latest information about highway conditions across Arizona, visit ADOT’s Travel Information site at az511.gov or call 511.