Aug 062014

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition July 18 at Linden Valley that was a qualifier for the Snowflake Pioneer Day Rodeo. Results follow.

In 1-D competition, Raylee Johnson, riding Dooley, won with a time of 18.010, earning $247.80; followed by Linda Fagotti on Frenchie in 18.182, earning $185.85; Jody Heisler on Stella in 18.310, earning $123.90; Courtney Cline on Dr. Pepper in 18.333, earning $61.95; Kate Lasher on Cheyenne in 18.403; Kallie Brannon on Nitro in 18.442; Shasta Perkins on Pokey Red Bee in 18.633; Michele Stock on Mikey in 18.712; Linda Fagotti on Hazel in 18.751; Cindy Irvine on Frito Freckles in 18.850; Jayme Fish on Chisom in 18.904; London Willis on Macey Grey in 18.917; Steve Housley on Copper Penny in 18.926; and Marisa Simpson on Chigger in 18.931.

In 2-D competition, Cari Zenkowich, riding Pistol, won with a time of 19.094, earning $212.40; followed by Codi Ross on Hoss in 19.150, earning $159.30; Lisa Johnson on Brice in 19.191, earning $106.20; Michele Stock on PayDay in 19.197, earning $53.10; Jayme Fish on Kane in 19.201; Steve Housley on Dyno in 19.252; Marisa Simpson on Nacho in 19.257; Jessica Wolfe on Not the Cheetin’ Kind in 19.321; Sydney Phillips on Cash in 19.328; Jolene Baird on Jessie in 19.402; Taylor Allen on Scooter in 19.433; Brigitte Kennison on Halle in 19.476; Lisa Johnson on Garnet in 19.492; Summer Lunt on Ellie in 19.732; Angel Dickson on Rich in 19.753; Guy Lewis on Teaser in 19.786; Summer Lunt on Hitch in 19.896; Jessica Wolfe on Bumble Bee in 19.924; Michele Stock on Cash in 19.974; and Michele Stock on Lena in 20.002.

In 3-D competition, Jocelyn Rankins, riding Little Britt, won with a time of 20.092, earning $141.60; followed by London Willis on Romeo in 20.114, earning $106.20; Sarah Darst on Hank in 20.132, earning $70.80; Beva Wagoner on Colonel in 20.162, earning $35.40; Ashley McDowell on Weekender in 20.186; Rosie Wiltbank on Libby in 20.194; Michele Ulibarri on Mea in 20.236; Sylvia Kennison on Emma in 20.257; Jessica Finch on Tillie in 20.388; Bailee Bain on Kaddy Perry in 20.560; Leah Rosales on Tecatee in 20.667; Tammy Davis on Rocky in 20.681; and Leigh Barther on Kat in 20.968.

In 4-D competition, Tyree Hancock on Cruzer in 21.415, earning $132.75; Sabrina Hoskins on Once in 22.512, earning $79.65; Leilanie Canez on Nellie in 24.005, earning $53.10; and Debbie Garvin on Jo’s Pistol Dun It, Bonnie Stradling on Woody, Carolee DeWitt on Jet, Nikki Muzrall on Peanut, Kayli Hernandez on Sam, Pandy Wyatt on Lena, Peggy McCorkle on Beep, Emma DeWitt on Misty and Tammie Pete on Fluff, all with no time.

The next barrel race, the Battle for the Saddles, will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23.