Aug 062014

By Tammy Gray

Navajo County spent a total of $71.1 million of the $118 million initially budgeted in fiscal year 2013-14. That total included $31.8

million in general fund expenditures, $30.9 million in special revenue funds, $2 million for debt service and $6.2 million on capital projects.

Like many other counties, the Navajo County department with the largest general fund budget is the sheriff’s office with total expenditures of approximately $5 million for the department and $2.9 million for jail operations. That is about $700,000 less than the $8.6 million budgeted for the sheriff’s office and the jail together.

Nearly $3.2 million was spent on indigent health, representing the second largest general fund expense. A total of approximately $3.4 million was originally budgeted for indigent health.

Expenditures for the Superior Court totaled $2.6 million, compared to the $2.8 million budgeted, making it the third largest line item in the general fund.

The County Attorney’s office ranked fourth in general fund spending totals with $2.1 million in expenditures, compared to the $2.2 million budgeted.

The total spent for administration and the board of supervisors was the fifth highest among all departments in the general fund, coming in at just over $2 million, compared to the $2.5 million in the budget.

Other departments with expenditures exceeding $1 million included facilities management at $1.7 million, the assessor’s office at $1.1 million and the clerk of the court at $1 million. A general fund line item labeled as “county-wide” showed expenditures of $1.28 million.

Expenditures for the juvenile detention department came in just under $1 million at $907,325, while juvenile probation had expenditures of $390,068. In comparison, adult probation had total expenditures of $554,913.

Other departments with expenditures over $400,000 include information technology with $742,674, the treasurer’s office with $438,096 and the public fiduciary with $413,539.

A total of $856,057 was used for capital outlay, while approximately $4 million in contingency funds were rolled over into the new fiscal year.

Of the $30.9 million in special revenue fund expenditures, just over $8.1 million was spent by the public works department. That total is less than half of the $16.7 million initially budgeted.

Expenditures by the board of supervisors and administration followed closely behind at $7.2 million, compared to $12 million in the budget.

The health district came in a distant third in special fund expenditures with a total of $4.2 million, followed by the county attorney’s office with $2.2 million and jail operations with $2 million. Adult probation followed closely behind with nearly $1.6 million in special fund expenditures.

Capital expenditures were made mainly for two specific projects, including jail expansion with a total of $2.9 million spent and construction of the new public works complex at $3.3 million. A total of $4.7 million was budgeted for jail expansion, and $2 million has been budgeted for the current fiscal year. The public works complex was budgeted at $5 million, and $3 million is included in the new budget.