Aug 082014

Ralph Hatch is running unopposed for a second term as Division I Navajo County Superior Court judge.

Now in his 30th year of service to Navajo County, Hatch notes that he brings a great deal of experience to his position. Judge Hatch served for 20 years as an attorney, both as a prosecutor with the county attorney’s office and as the county’s first legal defender, founding that office in 1989. He has served the past 10 years as a judge, with six years as Precinct I Justice of the Peace, during which time he was also appointed as a Superior Court judge pro tempore by the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. He has worked the last four years in his current term as Superior Court judge.

Hatch was born and raised in Holbrook. He and his wife Leida have raised four sons there.

“My practice is to treat everyone who appears before me in court with respect and to give each case a thorough evaluation. My decisions are based on the correct and fair application of the law. I don’t want to make the law; I uphold the law as it exists. All cases are very important to the parties involved, and I take seriously my obligation to help resolve legal matters in a fair, just and legally correct manner. I enjoy the privilege and opportunity to serve the public in a judicial capacity and I gain satisfaction from this work.

“With your support, I look forward to continuing as your judge for four more years. Thank you to all who signed my petition to get me on the ballot, and thank you for your vote on Aug. 26 and Nov. 4,” stated Hatch.