Aug 082014

Ray Rardin is a candidate for the post of Precinct 2 Justice of the peace.

He has resided in Arizona for 29 years, and lives in Winslow with his wife and two children. He attended Arizona State University and Mesa Community College; graduating from ASU with a B.S. degree in Biology/Zoology in 1995 and a B.A. in Political Science (minor in philosophy) in 1999. Rardin received his Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University in 2003 and, following graduation, he volunteered for Community Legal Services in Mesa. Starting in 2005, he worked for the Mohave County Deputy Public Defender. In 2007, he began working as a prosecutor with the Navajo County Attorney’s office.

“I’m running for Justice of the Peace because I enjoy living and working in Winslow; the last 4½ years serving as Winslow Justice Court’s felony charging attorney have been a blessing,” said Rardin. “My experience as a defense attorney and prosecutor gives me the knowledge to effectively protect the rights of the community. I understand that a JP’s decision has real world consequences that could ruin lives. A JP can evict a tenant and possibly leave them homeless, impose a civil judgment of thousands of dollars, sign a warrant letting police take blood or search a home without the owner’s permission, they determine if probable cause exists upon the filing of a criminal complaint, and they set release conditions at a criminal initial appearance that could keep someone in jail or released on their own recognizance.

“I’ve never turn a blind eye to what will help defendants to stop committing crime, which usually involves getting over a substance abuse addiction, when structuring plea offers; without compromising victim rights. I will be fair and impartial to everyone, regardless of cultural identity, economic status or political influence,” stated Rardin.

For more information, visit Rardin’s Facebook page at Ray Rardin for Justice of the Peace.

Ray Rardin

Ray Rardin