Aug 082014

By Linda Kor

The Arizona Department of Education has issued the 2013-14 A through F grades for schools throughout the state, and while several schools in the area have shown improvement, there were also some that dropped a grade since the previous year.

Joseph City School District topped the list with Joseph City High School as the top rated school in 2013-14 in both Navajo and Apache counties. In addition, improvements made at Joseph City Elementary School placed the school second in the rankings over all other elementary schools in Navajo and Apache counties after Linden Elementary School in the Show Low district. The grades showed the elementary school went from a B to an A, while Joseph City Junior High School dropped from a B to a C. Both JCHS and the district itself maintained their A grades from the previous year.

Holbrook School District showed improvement at Park Elementary School, which went up from a B to an A, but Hulet Elementary School dropped from an A school to a B, while Holbrook High School remained at a B, Holbrook Junior High School at a C and the district itself at a B.

In the Winslow School District, results show that Winslow High School held on to its C grade, Jefferson Elementary School maintained its B grade and Winslow Junior High kept it’s D grade. Bonnie Brennan School and Washington Elementary Schools both dropped from B grades last year to C grades for 2013-14. The grade for the district itself remained at a C, the same as last year.

Snowflake School District showed improvement, with both Highland Primary School and Snowflake High School going from Bs to As, making the high school the second highest rated high school in Navajo and Apache counties. Taylor Elementary School also improved, going from a C to a B. Taylor Intermediate School dropped from a B to a C, and Snowflake Intermediate School, Snowflake Junior High School and the district itself maintained their B grades.