Aug 132014

By Naomi Hatch

It has taken approximately 10 years, but the East Center Street problem in Taylor has been resolved.

Many years ago the Hancock family approached the town council requesting abandonment of East Center Street, and that affected streets be 50’ rather than 99’ as recorded. At one point a council gave its approval, but no one followed through and there were no recorded instruction clarifying the council’s intent, so it fell upon the current town council to clear up the problems.

A dirt road east of 900 North and Center Street became a road from use, so rather than relocate the irrigation ditch and force the Hancocks to move a barn that had been there for many, many years, the existing roadway was purchased by the town, but the abandonment of 99’ roads to 50’ roads was not completed legally.

At the July council meeting, the Hancocks were expecting to have the problem solved, but new Town Attorney Karl Lautz had been looking into the situation and said he needed another month to complete the transaction. At that time it was suggested by councilors to exchange 50’ of the 100’ right-of-way for an extension of 1000 East from the old Center Street road to the existing Center Street road.

The Hancocks were in agreement with the exchange, and work began on legal descriptions and a resolution.

At the Aug. 6 council meeting, Resolution 2014-08 was briefly discussed by the council.

Lautz clarified a question posed by Donna Hall Hancock, and referred to a paragraph of the resolution that states, “Whereas, the owners(s) of land abutting those portions of Center Street, Maverick Street and 10th Street, as more formally described herein, have filed a request for the abandonment of a portion of the roadway constituting approximately one-half of the 99’ public right of way for portions of both Maverick Street and 10th Street, and the entire public right of way for that portion of Center Street which extends between Ninth and 10th Street, as depicted and described in Exhibit A…”

When asked by Mayor Fay Hatch if this was agreeable to the Hancock family, Hall responded, “As far as I’m concerned, I feel this meets everything we wanted.”

The council unanimously approved the resolution.