Aug 152014

   District III Navajo County Supervisor Sylvia Tenney Allen, a former state senator, declared her intention Wednesday to replace the late Senator Chester Crandell as the Republican Party nominee for state senate representing Legislative District 6.

“In the last few days, I have been overwhelmed by the number of friends, colleagues, and party leaders who have reached out and encouraged me to seek the appointment to replace Senator Crandell’s name on the general election ballot,” Allen declared. “I am humbled and honored by their trust in me and am pleased to announce that I will seek the appointment.”

Allen has also received the support and endorsement of Senator Crandell’s widow, Alice. “I am grateful that Sylvia has chosen to put forward her name as a candidate for my late husband’s senate seat. I know that Chester would have supported her. He loved her as a friend and colleague, and knew that she stood for the same issues that he did. They were very close both personally and professionally. She is the right person to fill his shoes,” she said.