Aug 272014

By Sam Conner

The Winslow High School football hosted preseason scrimmages with Camp Verde and Payson at Emil Nasser Stadium on Friday. The bleachers on the west side of the stadium were filled with Bulldog fans there to see the team perform against competition from other schools. Under the controlled conditions coaches were on the field and able to give instructions, making the event a valuable teaching opportunity.

The Bulldogs are scheduled to open their 2014 season at Holbrook on Friday, Aug. 29, against the Roadrunners who, like most Arizona high school football teams, participated in s preseason controlled scrimmage before the regular season was to start. Such scrimmages are valuable opportunities for coaches to evaluate their players and work at alleviating any weakness they spot during the scrimmages.

Coach B.J. Little said after the scrimmages, “I really felt we had solid play in our running and short passing game. Tres Cake was very sharp in managing our offensive attack. We need to improve in our defensive pursuit to the ball and being more aggressive. I was very pleased with our offensive line and our skill players. As freshman, Darien Brown is a great addition to our varsity ball club.”