Aug 292014

By Sam Conner The Winslow City Council met as the Winslow Public Housing Authority before its regular meeting on Tuesday and adopted five resolutions. All were related to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) and its requirements of the local agency. After approving minutes of its July 8 meeting, the authority passed a resolution approving submission of the 2014 Section Eight management assessment program (SEMAP) certification. Housing Director Jesse Fernandez said this was an area HUD had problems with last year. The next resolution approved the housing authority’s case management policy and accounting procedures. This, too, was an area where changes were needed to comply with HUD regulations. The third resolution adopted approved the housing authority’s nepotism favoritism policy and procedures. Fernandez explained the need for this policy in Winslow. The fourth and fifth resolutions adopted amended the housing authority’s admissions and continued occupancy policy with HUD’s temporary addendum for rent calculations using three options. Each resolution referred to a different housing authority program.