Sep 032014

By Naomi Hatch “Every time it rains really hard, we’re out there irrigating it (the Snowflake Fire Station) all night,” Fire Chief Pat Hancock told the Snowflake Town Council last week as he asked for approval of the first phase of work to correct drainage problems. The council gave its approval. Chief Hancock said that rainwater that falls on the front entrance and the west portion of the fire station roof is caught by an existing rain gutter system and directed off the building. That water is released at the base of the station with no means of removing it from the property or directing it away from the building, explained Hancock, noting, “We don’t want to add additional water flow to Fourth South Street, which is in front of the fire station. “The majority of this water naturally drains to the west and southwest side of the station.” The rain that falls on the rear parking area is also directed to the southwest corner of the station. The problem is that the existing grade is too low and allows the rainwater to exit the property onto Fourth South Street. Chief Hancock said an engineer looked at the problem and then they discussed a solution with Town Manager Paul Watson. It would be a phased approach with the first phase of the project estimated to cost $19,561.50, including a preliminary survey and construction staking, along with the purchase and installation of pumps, piping, trench drains and discharge drains. The project is designed to collect water in a catch basin that would be located on the west side of the fire station and then pump it into the drainage ditch behind the fire station, which would take the flow west to the Cottonwood Wash. “We have to do it as cheap and efficiently as we can,” said Watson, explaining that the natural flow is to the north and east, and they have to get the water back over to the ditch that runs to the west and into Cottonwood Wash. The council approved the first phase of the fire station drainage project in an amount not to exceed $19,561.50.