Sep 032014

By Naomi Hatch

There are approximately 10 lights from Ridge Road to the LDS church in Taylor that have been turned off, and Kenny Willis asked the town council last week to see that they are relit. The council agreed to seek more information and revisit the subject in the near future.

Willis explained that Kirk Brimhall had been paying to keep the lights on, but had them disconnected. He suggested that Willis talk to the town about turning on the meter.

Brimhall advised him that the lights cost approximately $40 a month, but Willis felt it would cost less if energy saving bulbs were used.

“I’ve been taking care of the lights,” said Willis, noting that he has replaced light bulbs on Country Club and at the roundabout for 14 years. Willis and friends also take care of the road, keeping it weeded.

Willis said that the year before last everyone on that area of Country Club had Christmas lights up, and they talked with Bev Kay who coordinates the Frontier Lights during the 12 Days of Christmas, about making a circle from Frontier Drive over to Country Club. Willis said they would like to keep doing that, but they would like the streetlights on.

“Is there any type of agreement?” asked Vice Mayor Jason Whiting, who was conducting that portion of the meeting due to a conflict of interest on Mayor Kelly Willis’ part.

Typically, when a subdivision goes in, it’s not until they make all the improvements that they come to the city, and then the city has an opportunity to accept the subdivision, explained Town Manager Paul Watson. He said he wasn’t sure if all of the infrastructure was in, or if they had approached the council.

Councilor Kerry Ballard expressed concern about safety in the area with no streetlights.

Willis said that in the last two days there had been three near misses on the corner.

Whiting noted that he felt the council needed to have information in hand to make a decision, and asked Willis if he would be agreeable to the council discussing it at a future meeting.

“Sure; hurry before it’s Christmas again…,” he replied.

“Anything that’s done like that is an improvement and complements the city” said Willis.

Watson said he will have the information ready for the next council agenda.