Oct 012014

By Tammy Gray

Changes are coming to Holbrook’s Hunt Park to improve functionality, safety and security.

City Manager Ray Alley explained that plans call for resurfacing the skate park and the remaining courts surrounding it. As a result, the skate park will be moved to the adjacent court and some of the older elements replaced. Moving the skate park will allow city crews to resurface the court where it is currently located without temporarily closing the park. According to Alley, the surface in the skate park has deteriorated to the point where it could pose a danger. Skate park elements will be moved to the northeast court.

“We’ll move the skate park over and turn the skate park section into a basketball court,” Alley said.

The northwest tennis court that has already been resurfaced will remain a tennis court, but it will be locked and opened upon request. Alley noted that the intention is not to keep citizens who want to use the court out, but to prevent damage to the net. According to Alley, a private citizen purchased the net because the old one was damaged. He explained that in order to prevent people from hanging on and ripping the net, the decision was made to lock the court. Alley noted that anyone who wants to use the tennis court should call city hall at 524-6225 and a staff member will come unlock it.

The remaining courts will be resurfaced, but instead of additional tennis courts there will be two basketball courts. Alley noted that he believes the basketball courts will receive more use than the tennis courts, and nets will not be a concern.

There is no set schedule for the work to be completed. It will be done as weather allows and coordinated around the street work schedule. Alley said that he has been using leftover concrete from street projects to complete work at the park and other locations.

In addition to work at the park, Alley noted that work is continuing on Erie Street, and he expects to have the section between Fifth and Sixth avenues completed quickly. Striping will also take place on McLaws Road soon. Navajo County will be placing an oil-based sealing treatment on the road and after that it will be striped to include passing lanes.

“It’s on contract with the county,” Alley said. “That will allow us to kill two birds with one stone and save money, because we won’t have to grind off the old paint.”