Dec 032014

By Tammy Gray

The results of an online customer satisfaction survey for Navajo County services were generally positive, the board of supervisors learned during a meeting on Nov. 25.

A total of 65 percent of the respondents indicated that they have noticed an improvement in customer service or satisfaction with county leadership since 2013. The survey was posted on the county website, and individuals were asked to voluntarily rate their experience following an interaction with county employees or officials.

Of the 112 individual responses to the survey question, “How was your experience with Navajo County?” there were 39 responses indicating “better than I expected,” 19 indicating “somewhat better than I expected,” 37 that indicated “about what I expected,” four indicating “somewhat worse than I expected,” nine indicating “much worse than I expected” and four who indicated “other.”

The survey also asked participants to indicate whether their question, concern or request was resolved. The vast majority, 59, reported that all of their questions or issues were resolved, while 31 reported that most of their questions or issues were resolved. Only two people reported that “about half” of their problems were resolved, while five indicated that “some” were resolved, and 12 noted that none of their questions or issues were resolved.

Survey respondents were also asked to indicate what method they used to contact county staff. There were a total of 269 responses to the question, with the majority, 83, contacting the county by phone followed by 59 in person and 53 by email. A total of 29 used the county website, while 19 used traditional mail and four used the county’s Facebook page. Those respondents also generally reported that the method they used to contact county staff was convenient, although five reported that it was “not at all convenient.”

Of those who completed the survey, 59.7 percent reported that they were contacting the county as an individual resident, 17.9 percent made contact on behalf of a business, 9.7 percent were representatives of other governmental agencies, 1.5 percent were non-residents seeking information and the remaining 11.2 percent indicated “other.”

Most of the respondents had only a few contacts with Navajo County in the past year, with 61.3 percent reporting that they contacted the county between one and five times in the last year, however, 16.8 percent of the respondents indicated that they contacted county staff more than 21 times in the last year. Another 16.8 percent noted that they had six to 10 contacts, while 1.7 percent contacted the county 11 to 15 times and 2.5 percent had 16 to 20 contacts.

The survey results are going to be used to create a baseline measurement for continuing to improve customer service. The results are also considered a “key to excellence, innovation and accountability.”