Feb 112015

Homolovi State Park, located five miles northeast of Winslow, will hold a Star Party from 8 to 10 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 27, at the visitor center parking area. Imagine what you can see with big telescopes that astronomers will have at Homolovi State Park! Telescopes can get you to those ghostly nebulae, star clusters, the moon’s cratered landscapes and Venus’ crescent phases.

Astronomers will be onsite to answer questions and discuss the elements of the night sky as darkness descends. When the night sky arrives, astronomers will volunteer their expertise and telescopes for visitors to view an assortment of night sky attractions, including star clusters, galaxies and nebulae. Visitors should bring water, snacks, a red light (to protect everyone’s night vision), sweater or jacket.

Homolovi, one of a series of many ancient Hopi pueblos found in the Southwest, offers the public the opportunity to begin their journey into Hopi life and culture. Homolovi was a stop for the ancestral Hopi people along their migration route, eventually moving on and settling at one of the current Hopi villages.

For more information about Homolovi State Park call (928) 289-4106 or visit AZStateParks.com/parks/HORU.

Since 2007 Arizona State Parks has been hosting fun, educational Star Parties and astronomy events across Arizona. These events are supported by Arizona Astronomy Clubs and individuals who invite the public to come see Arizona’s amazing night skies. Watch a video and see upcoming 2015 event dates, and download a brochure at AZStateParks.com/StarParty.