Mar 042015

By Tammy Gray

A billboard rehabilitation project that will provide advertising for Holbrook is underway in Sun Valley.

Holbrook City Manager Ray Alley explained that when the city purchased the property where the Sun Valley water system wells are located, a large billboard was included.

“It was pretty dilapidated,” he said. “But last year’s budget included $5,000 to rehabilitate it.”

The massive billboard measures approximately 16’x56’, and is designed to be seen by westbound traffic headed toward Holbrook. Work started earlier this week to repair the billboard and Alley hopes to finish it by the end of the week, but noted that the weather may slow down the project.

When finished, Alley plans to use the advertising space to draw travelers into Holbrook by highlighting Route 66 and local attractions.

“We want to get them into our motels and restaurants,” he said.

In addition to working on the billboard, city crews have been busy completing the cemetery expansion project and making improvements at the golf course.

Alley noted that the new section of cemetery fence is complete. The cemetery was poised to run out of plots in about five years, but the expansion will provide usable space for another 10 to 20 years. The east fence of the cemetery was extended about 35 feet to the edge of the city-owned property adjacent to the American Legion to provide as much space as possible for burials.

Limited space at the cemetery has been a concern for some time, and Alley explained that the city previously raised the rates for non-residents in hopes that it would slow the burial rate and provide much-needed space for local residents wishing to be buried there.

City staff also installed a new sliding gate at the entrance to Hidden Cove Golf Course to improve security, and placed millings on the cart paths. Alley noted that there were not enough millings to do everything he wanted, but he hopes to obtain more from Navajo County.

“I underestimated how much it would take,” he remarked. “But I’ve got a call in to the county to see if we can get more.”

The city council recently approved repairs to the backhoe at the golf course and learned that new carts are badly needed for the facility. They are not in the current budget, however, and will be considered as the budget is created for the upcoming fiscal year.