Mar 132015

By Linda Kor

Members of the Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board met Tuesday evening and unanimously gave their support to a resolution that denounces the recently passed state budget as it pertains to K-12 education.

Although the proposed five percent cut to non-classroom spending was put aside, the final budget includes language that says when districts make cuts, their combined spending percentages in the categories of classroom instruction, instructional support and student support, as defined by the Auditor General, should increase.

School districts must now prepare to be funded on current year enrollment, and take in consideration the loss of Career and Technical Education (CTE) funding. This means additional cuts for school districts with a decline in student enrollment and districts like Holbrook that provide CTE opportunities.

“It’s important that people understand that the governor is not really pumping funds into education, but making cuts for additional assistance,” explained Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich.

The board also made the decision to support a one percent increase in salary for all certified teachers, support staff supervisors and certified administrators, including an additional $1,000 flat rate for certified teachers, and a $500 flat rate for all certified administrators and support staff supervisors for the coming year.

In other action March 10, the board:

* Approved a renewal of the policies pertaining to the district’s return to work program.

* Approved Claudia Jackson and Rosie Sekayuptewa to be considered by the Navajo County Superintendent of Schools to fill the vacancy for Ward 1 on the district governing board.

* Approved changes to the facility use agreement to include fees for commercial or profit-making organizations.

* Approved revisions to the Student Schedules and Course Loads policy to include that students are required to be enrolled in four to seven class periods, and parents may petition for early or late school day releases for individual students.

* Approved the Indian Wells Elementary School preschool calendar for the 2014-15 school year.

* Authorized acceptance of a Petrified Forest National Park Education Program Travel grant in the amount of $441.18 for Park Elementary School’s first grade.

* Approved a contract with eSchoolView to provide district and school website applications for the school district through June 30, 2020.

* Approved vendors for implementing the Erate grant for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

* Approved the Education Specialist Performance Evaluation System tool for counselors to be implemented during the 2015-16 school year.

* Approved implementation of the revised Proposition 301 plan that states individual teacher performance shall account for 33 percent of the 40 percent allocation for teacher compensation based on performance and employment related expenses.

* Approved updated job descriptions.

* Approved a change in the district insurance plan from the Platinum Plan to the Gold Plan provided by Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust.

* Approved the fiscal year 2016 first year certified faculty placement schedule, substitute placement schedule, special assignment positions salary schedule, including math, science, special education and Indian Wells Elementary positions, administrator placement schedule, special assignment stipend schedule, extra duty schedules for fine arts and sports, and special hourly certified employee pay rates schedules.

* Approved school year 2015-16 contracts for returning certified staff members.

* Approved continuing contracts for the 2015-16 school year, including those of Dr. Robbie Koerperich, Dr. Jeff Meeks, Mike McClellan, Dr. Jeri McKinnon, Connie McPherson, Lance Phaturos, Dr. Charles Haussman, Dan Nielson, Joe Gabaldon, Jeff Font, Janelle Chee, Julie Fields, Barry Lambson, Jacob Boyle and Sunny Obren.

* Approved the support staff employment of Don Tyler, Holbrook High School head softball coach; Melissa John, HHS assistant track coach; Joel Aguilera, HHS assistant softball coach; Pete Tracas, substitute custodian; and Victor Paz, cafeteria delivery.

* Approved the support staff resignations of Neal Nezzie, bus driver/grounds; Becky Young, Hulet Elementary School secretary; and Chantell Nelson, district student worker.

* Approved the certified employment of Kristen Tremonti, Holbrook Junior High School social studies teacher; and Jessica Frame, Park School second grade teacher.

* Approved extra duty for Sylvia Jackson, HHS eighth hour Navajo History/Government; Beth Plumb, HJHS assistant girls’ track coach; Caleb Moorhead, HJHS assistant boys’ track coach; Gishie Arviso, HJHS game official; Kerry Perkins and Patty Hansen, Hulet Elementary School Intervention Assistant Team; Erik Carlson, HHS eighth hour English credit recovery; Virginia White, HJHS English Language Learners tutoring; Tim Newton-Pender and Ann Gardner, HJHS professional development presenter; Shirley Yazzie, Derek Eckman, Jeff Strong and Bart Bowen, HHS Title I math tutorial third quarter; and Cary Simpson, Stephanie Bridegam, Carey Kester and Karalyn Reidhead, special education file review.

* Approved volunteer Michael Meeks as an HHS band chaperone/driver.

* Approved gifts and donations, including those from the Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program in the amount of $115.38 and Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign in the amount of $115.38.

* Approved professional leave for Jeff Meeks, Phoenix, Autism & Technology, Feb. 23, at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Stephanie Peters, Winslow, Darkness to Light Stewards of Children, Feb. 18; Barry Lambson and Jerry Fischer, Flagstaff, CISCO Networks Public Sector Information, Feb. 11, at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; and Jeff Meeks, Jeri McKinnon, Luis Alvarez, Cheri Grau and Stephanie Bridegam, Lake Havasu, March 5 and 6, at an estimated cost of $570, plus use of a district vehicle.

Also, Suzanne Powell, Tucson, 21st Century Community Learning Centers-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) In The Garden, March 6, at an estimated cost of $272; Beth Baloo, Flagstaff, Engineering Is Elementary (EIE) Teacher Educator Institute, March 11-13, at an estimated cost of $377.74, plus use of a district vehicle; Nichole Lozano and Tanya Phaturos, Phoenix, Behavior Education Technology Conference, March 6, at an estimated cost of $307, plus use of a district vehicle; and Robin Stradling, Scottsdale, Arizona School Counselor Association Conference, March 9 and 10, at an estimated cost of $793.96, plus use of a district vehicle.

Also, Julie Fields, Snowflake, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts meeting, March 9, at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Jacob Boyle, Litchfield Park, Arizona Association of School Business Officials bi-monthly meeting, March 11, at an estimated cost of $54, plus use of a district vehicle; and Julie Fields, Flagstaff, Career and Technical Education Grants Training, April 16, at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle.

Also, Jeremy Madison, Chandler, March 7, Common Sense Economics for Life Workshop, at an estimated cost of $190, plus use of a district vehicle; LouAnn McLaws and Aaron Allooh, Phoenix, Differentiated Instruction, March 5, at an estimated cost of $366, plus use of a district vehicle; and Amber Dennis, Lance Phaturos, Charlie Haussman and Donna Campbell, Phoenix, Gear Up Year 4 Planning Session, April 30, at an estimated cost of $608, plus use of a district vehicle.

* Approved payroll and expense vouchers totaling $364,283.88, and vouchers totaling $1,282,517.88; as well as HHS Professional Development Day, $23,500; HJHS Teach Like a Champion Professional Development Days, $11,750; Project Skilz Tutorial Quarter 3, $4,912.50; and Special Education Certified Teachers Prior Written Notice Training with the Arizona Department of Education, $494.75.

* Approved fundraisers, including the HHS wrestlers for $328 in tips earned serving during the Hashknife Pony Express Send-Off Dinner; HHS Drama pre-sale of tickets for the play and also at the door for estimated earnings of $600; HHS National Honor Society collecting change as a nominating donation for the teacher team to play against the Mr. Roadrunner candidates in Family Feud for estimated earnings of $500; HHS Class of 2016 volleyball tournament to raise money for the prom for estimated earnings of $200; and HHS Class of 2016 selling Coke products to raise money for the prom for estimated earnings of $500.

* Approve revisions to the policy pertaining to sick leave.

* Approved a revision to the evaluation tool for employee performance to include a numerical rating based on the employee’s performance. The tool will be implemented during the 2015-16 school year.