Apr 292015

By Greg Perkins

The Snowflake boys’ track and field team won the Winslow Invitational meet last Friday, finishing with 122.5 team points.  Payson was second with 91 and Blue Ridge placed third with 54. The Lady Lobos finished fourth with 64.5 team points behind first place Show Low (150), second place Blue Ridge (82) and third place Ganado (75). Twenty-six teams competed in the meet.

As they have all season, the Lobos had several top finishers in individual events.

In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Drew Schneider was first; Tanner Willis, second; Brenton Ballard, sixth; and Mason Willis, 13th.

In the 200 meter dash, Tanner Willis placed second; Jordan Gardner, fourth; and Dallin Chapman, eighth.

In the 400 meter dash, Thad Frei took fourth place; Luke Craun, eighth; Kaydn Davis, 12th; and Mason Willis, 22nd.

In the 800 meter run, Kaydn Davis was sixth; John Lunt, 13th; Daylon Flake, 30th; and Manassah Flake, 48th.

In the 1600 meter run, Jordan Gardner finished second; John Lunt, ninth; Daylon Flake, 45th; and Manassah Flake, 63rd.

In the 3200 meter run, Tanner Austin was 29th.

In the 110 meter high hurdles, Dylan Richards finished seventh.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Brenton Ballard was third; Teagan Peterson, seventh; and Dylan Richards, eighth.

In the 4×100 meter relay, Brenton Ballard, Tanner Willis, Kurt Wood and Drew Schneider placed first.

In the 4×400 meter relay, Luke Craun, Thad Frei, Kurt Wood and Jordan Gardner took first.

In the shot put, Brady Petersen was 11th; Tristan Richards, 14th; Arturo Munoz, 15th; and Hunter Hargrave, 23rd.

In the discus, Arturo Munoz finished eighth; Brady Petersen, ninth; Tristan Richards, 11th; and Hunter Hargrave, 13th.

In the high jump, Dylan Kay took first place; Kurt Wood, third; Jake Hall, fifth; and Keagan Bjornn, 10th.

In the pole vault, Luke Craun and Bryce Brubaker tied for 11th; Bradin Weech was 17th; and Nick Larson, 20th.

In the long jump, Tanner Willis was fourth; Kendal Kay, seventh; Mason Willis, eighth; and Dylan Kay, 11th.

In the triple jump, Kendal Kay placed fourth; Keagan Bjornn, fifth; and Dylan Kay, seventh.

In the girls’ 100 meter dash, Emily Ballard placed 11th; and Alyssa Uchytil, 19th.

In the 200 meter dash, Kadi Johnson was ninth; Lilly Perkins, 10th; and Katilyn Papa, 12th.

In the 400 meter dash. Jaedyn Maldonado was 13th.

In the 800 meter run, Jaedyn Maldonado placed 27th.

In the 100 meter hurdles, Macie Rawlins finished sixth; and Rachel Turley, 18th.

Skylee Scott, Kadi Johnson, Macie Rawlins, and Alyssa Uchytil placed fourth in the 4×100 meter relay.

Katilyn Papa, Jaedyn Maldonado, Lilly Perkins, and Emily Ballard finished fourth in the 4×400 meter relay.

In the shot put, Shelby Reidhead was 20th; and Erin Willis, 26th.

In the discus, Erin Willis placed 17th; and Shelby Reidhead, 25th.

In the high jump, Emily Ballard placed first; Macie Rawlins, third; and Shelby Reidhead, ninth.

In the pole vault, Rachel Turley took third; Skylee Scott, sixth; and Lilly Perkins, eighth.

In the long jump, Kadi Johnson placed second; Skylee Scott, fifth; Katilyn Papa, seventh; and Emily Ballard, eighth.

In the triple jump, Lilly Perkins took second; Katilyn Papa, sixth; Erin Willis, eighth; and Shelby Reidhead, 10th.

Snowflake will host the final regular season meet today (April 29), which marks the last chance for athletes to qualify for the state tournament scheduled May 8 and 9 in Mesa.