Apr 292015

By Tammy Gray

Officials of Pacific Holt Corporation have submitted a request for an additional 24-month extension to complete plans for subdivisions in Perkins Valley and Mesa Hills Estates, both in the Holbrook area.

A memo to the Navajo County Board of Supervisors, who are being asked to approve the request, notes, “The economic downturn delayed the start of the project, as well as waiting for approvals on electrical plans, and the nine-month delay on the fabrication of the water tank for the project. They are ready to start on improvement plans this year, and request the additional time to meet the conditions of resolution 08-13.”

The resolution served as approval for the final plat for Perkins Valley estates, and a similar resolution was approved for the Mesa Hills Estates project. In both cases, the resolutions required that the subdivision improvements be substantially completed within 24 months of approval. They were approved by the board in March 2013. Prior to that time, Pacific Holt had requested at least one other 24-month extension in early 2012.

The final plats submitted to the board are for the first phase of both projects.

According to information provided to the Navajo County Planning and Zoning Commission, Pacific Holt Corporation has plans to develop 325 single-family lots on 258 acres as part of the Perkins Valley Estates project. A private water system will be installed by the company, and they will be required to test each lot before installing a septic system.

The Mesa Hills Estates project will have single-family lots that are at least one acre each, according to documents submitted to the planning and zoning commission. That project will also include a private water system and require testing of every lot for septic system installation.

The documents note that, “The City of Holbrook supports the subdivision going forward with a private water and septic system.”

Previously, Pacific Holt had attempted to enter into an agreement with the city to extend water and sewer lines to the project. The city had an agreement with the company in 2007 to allow the utility infrastructure to cross the Leroux Wash, however, in 2009, city council members were hesitant to enter an additional agreement to extend the lines. At that time, Councilman Wade Carlisle expressed concerns about having an active set of lines that the city would have to maintain without a timetable for construction of housing within the subdivision. He also noted that it would tie up the city’s water and sewer capacity without any guarantee that the homes would be constructed.

The extension of the resolution includes the same provisions and restrictions as the previous resolution, and is expected to be approved by the board of supervisors to provide Pacific Holt Corporation with an additional 24 months to complete the first phase of both projects.