Apr 292015

By Greg Perkins

Joining 25 other teams at the Winslow Invitational track meet last Friday, the Holbrook Roadrunners finished ninth in the boys’ division and 10th in the girls’.

In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Wazuri Waits finished ninth; Christian Pierce, 24th; Juwan Cummings, 44th; and Emmanual Yellowhair, 51st.

In the 200 meter dash, Christian Pierce placed 23rd; and Emmanual Yellowhair, 43rd.

In the 400 meter dash, Ryan Bia placed 17th; and Zach Derrick, 38th.

In the 800 meter run, Ryan Bia was 23rd; Weston Williams, 44th; and Tristan Notah, 52nd.

In the 1600 meter run, Ryan Bia finished 36th; Weston Willliams, 46th; and Tristan Notah, 50th.

In the 3200 meter run, Weston Williams placed 27th; and Tritan Notah, 30th.

In the 110 meter hurdles, Marcel Young finished fourth; and Kyle Baldwin, 13th.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Marcel Young took first place; Andrew Dawson, 11th; Kyle Baldwin, 18th; and Carmichael Byjoe, 19th.

Ryan Bia, Weston Williams, Andrew Dawson, and Ryan Keyonnie teamed up to place seventh in the 4×800 meter relay.

In the shot put, Adam Bahe placed 12th; Carmichael Byjoe, 20th; Zach Derrick, 39th; and Chance Yazzie, 46th.

In the discus, James Sumpter was 21st; Zach Derrick, 23rd; Carmichael Byjoe, 25th; and Sam Sumpter, 34th.

In the high jump, Andrew Dawson placed 14th.

In the long jump, Wazuri Waits took first place.

In the triple jump, Wazuri Waits placed third.

In the girls’ 100 meter dash, Darian Hollins placed sixth; Demi Phaturos, eighth; and Shannon Davis, 42nd.

In the 200 meter dash, Darian Hollins finished third; Shannon Davis, 38th; and Shay Autobee, 39th.

In the 400 meter dash, Miya Tom placed 15th.

In the 800 meter run, Dakota Dick was 18th; Miya Tom, 19th; Morgan Zahne, 32nd; and Deedra Morris, 34th.

In the 1600 meter run, Dakota Dick was 12th; Miya Tom, 20th; Morgan Zahne, 34th; and Sun Rae Nez, 43rd.

In the 3200 meter run, Deedra Morris placed 16th; and Morgan Zahne, 21st.

The foursome of Demi Phaturos, Carla Plumb, Alex Jeffers-Sample and Darian Hollins placed sixth in the 4×100 meter relay.

Terrilyn Lester finished 16th in the shot put.

Terrilyn Lester placed sixth in the discus.

Darian Hollins took first place in the long jump; and Demi Phaturos, 14th.

In the triple jump, Demi Phaturos placed ninth.

Holbrook’s track teams will have one final chance to qualify for the state meet when they compete in the Snowflake Invitational today (April 29).  The state track meet will be held on Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9, in Mesa.