May 072015

Bryce Wagoner

By Linda Kor

A local man’s challenge to others to show their patriotism has garnered more than 6,400 views on his Facebook page since he posted a video on Sunday, and he’s hoping that more people will watch it and help spread his simple message.

“It’s a challenge I posted in response to the news I’ve been watching and hearing about,” Bryce Wagoner explained. “There are so many videos and photographs disrespecting our nation’s flag, and I just want to challenge people to display one in their yard to show that they are proud to be an American.”

The short video depicts Wagoner, a resident of Sun Valley, standing in front of his home with a flag waving in the yard behind him as a small kitten plays at his feet. When he realized how quickly the challenge was spreading, he decided to reach out to as many people as possible.

“Social media is great for spreading ideas like this, but I want to reach out to as many as possible and encourage people to show their patriotism,” he explained.

The video can be viewed by visiting Wagoner’s Facebook page at, or by going to You Tube and searching Bryce Wagoner American flag.