May 202015
Photo courtesy of the Holbrook Unified School District Claudia Jackson (left) is sworn in by Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board President Ferral Knight.  Jackson represents Ward 1 on the board, including the areas of Dilcon, Greasewood, Indian Wells and Whitecone.

Photo courtesy of the Holbrook Unified School District
Claudia Jackson (left) is sworn in by Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board President Ferral Knight. Jackson represents Ward 1 on the board, including the areas of Dilcon, Greasewood, Indian Wells and Whitecone.

By Linda Kor

The Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board awarded a contract to the S.J. Anderson Company for the replacement of air conditioning and evaporative coolers at Hulet Elementary School during a special meeting held May 14. The bid of $85,696.45 was approved and is being funded by the School Facilities Board.

The district also submitted a request for qualifications from companies regarding architectural and engineering services for a proposed expansion project at the district office. According to Superintendent Robbie Koerperich, the district is considering the expansion to accommodate the technology department.

“The department is currently located in the back by the library in very small rooms. With the advancement of our technology for testing and for teachers, we need more space,” stated Dr. Koerperich. He explained that with the integration of technology into the classroom, the need for a technology lab on campus was obsolete. The intent is to have an architectural engineering firm assess the project to determine the potential size and cost of the expansion.

As required, four vendors were notified; two did not respond, while CSHQA and Johnson Walzer Associates, LLC did. The district evaluation committee reviewed their qualifications, then recommended that the architectural and engineering services contract for the technology center project be awarded to Johnson Walzer Associates.

Koerperich explained that at this time, no funds are part of the process. “Since there are multiple architects who could qualify to design the project and the cost will exceed $10,000, we must first choose an architect and then proceed with the project design, bids, etc. So no financial information was part of this process; it was simply a process to qualify an architect for services,” he noted.

The board also accepted the resignation of Park Elementary School kindergarten teacher Ruth Hansen, effective May 22. Because this resignation was received before May 30, there will be no liquidated damages assessed.

Earlier in the week the board met in regular session, and heard a report from the Holbrook High School Student Council on fundraising for the Mr. Roadrunner competition. Approximately $6,700 was raised for the Ronald McDonald House Foundation and the Travis Yazzie Memorial Scholarship.

Construction trades instructor Adrian Tubbs and students from his construction class reported on building a storage shed at Hulet School. The project provided the students with hands-on experience, and those who were involved in the construction were presented with a plaque for their efforts.

Prior to the start of the regular meeting a public hearing was held on the budget revisions for fiscal year 2014-15, with no comments from the public. Following the hearing, the board accepted and approved the revised budget.

In other action May 12, the board:

* Recommended Dr. Craig Stuart to be considered by Navajo County School Superintendent Linda Morrow to fill the Ward 4 vacancy on the district governing board.

* Approved the continuation of the district’s participation in the Community Eligibility Provision Food Service Program that enables all students to receive free breakfast and lunch through the district food service program for the 2015-16 school year.

* Accepted the independent auditor’s report and the Uniform System of Financial Records Compliance Questionnaire findings for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

* Approved the 2015-16 school calendar revisions to ensure the district aligns spring break with Northland Pioneer College to accommodate Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (NAVIT) students.

* Approved school sponsored summer activities, with funding to come from clubs, federal programs and other funds beyond the maintenance and operations budget. All summer activities will be conducted under the district insurance policies and will conform to normal facility usage for school related activities.

* Approved the attendance of Amber Dennis at the annual National Council for Community and Education Partnerships/Gear Up Conference scheduled July 19-22 in San Francisco, Calif. The approximate cost for travel will be $2,825, and will be reimbursed by the Gear Up grant.

* Approved student handbooks for the 2015-16 school year for all schools in the district.

* Approved a small engines course to be offered at HHS. The class will allow students to work on small engines such as those for lawn mowers, golf carts and chain saws.

* Approved renewal of the intergovernmental agreement between NAVIT and the district.

* Approved the memorandum of understanding with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension to assist Holbrook Junior High School and HHS with nutrition education and nutrition activities.

* Approved a memorandum of understanding between the Northern Arizona Council of Governments Head Start program and the district to provide special education preschool services.

* Approved payment for those staff members who successfully completed the first part of the district’s Proposition 301 Performance Pay Plan.

* Approved the Computer Specialist I/Network Administrator job description.

* Authorized acceptance of a $400 Barbara Park Literacy Grant for Park Elementary School to be used toward the purchase of library books.

* Approved the district’s School Master extra-duty position to include working with all school secretaries, the Arizona Department of Education and School Master to certify and rectify information and data pertaining to district-wide attendance reporting, school and district calendar updates, and district School Master rollover procedures. The extra duty will add 54 cents to the selected employee’s hourly rate.

* Approved the Title IX Coordinator extra duty job description.

* Approved a five percent increase to all extra-duty positions for current employees who assume extra-duty positions.

* Approved the support staff hiring of Jeremiah Sam as a student custodian; Crystal Moorhead, Hulet School secretary; Jeffery Strong, Technology Computer Specialist I; Christine Yazzie, substitute custodian; and Debbie Salabye, custodian.

* Approved the certified staff hiring of Barbara Foree as a DIBELS tester; Sherra Wahl, Indian Wells Elementary School third grade teacher; Rasheed Hollins, Hulet School third grade teacher; Kimberly Livingston, substitute teacher; Amy Chantelle Taylor, Hulet School fourth grade teacher; and Spencer Radzanowski, Park School second grade teacher.

* Approved the reissue of contracts for Rachael Kirkaldie and Justin Madden.

* Approved the support staff resignations of Claude Bakurza as HHS girls’ basketball assistant; and Emilio Chavez, night custodian.

* Approved the certified staff resignations of Annie Good and Alisha Hunt, both as Hulet School third grade teachers; Jody Good, Park School physical education teacher; and John Paul Hunt, IWES fourth grade teacher.

* Approved the support staff retirement of Gayle Richards as a Hulet Preschool aide; and the certified staff retirement of Julie Foree as HHS chemistry teacher.

* Approved extra duty for Luis Alvarez, IWES detention; Hoby Wilhelm, IWES fitness coordinator; Cary Simpson and Stephanie Bridegam, HHS special education extended school year; Carey Kester, Cary Simpson, Karalyn Reidhead and Stephanie Bridegam, special education file reviews; and Catrina Garner, IWES special education extended school year substitute.

* Approved volunteer Mike Tyler for HHS softball.

* Approved gifts and donations, including $200 from the Hulet Parent Teacher Student Association to Hulet Elementary School to purchase bicycle helmets to give away at the Healthy Holbrook Family Fun and Fitness Night; a $200 Office Depot gift card from Empower Schools; $1,200 from Ball By Law to the HHS boys’ basketball team; and 2,300 slightly used books of various titles from the Three River Education Foundation for the Park Elementary School library and Park Lil Lender library.

* Approved professional leave for Marlena Day to attend the Arizona Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Club Conference scheduled June 8 in Tempe at an estimated cost of $155; Jim Mendell, Arizona Career and Technical Education Assessments Super Saturday, April 18 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $175.73; Amber Dennis, Fuel Up 360 Summit, April 29 at an estimated cost of $27; and Amber Dennis, Donna Campbell, Lance Phaturos and Charlie Haussman, Gear Up Year Four Planning, April 29 and 30 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $735, plus use of a district vehicle.

Also, Robin Stradling, Northern Arizona University Gear Up Super Summit, May 7 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $176.37, plus use of a district vehicle; Cale Allen, Mathematics in the Mountains, May 2 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $30, plus use of a district vehicle; Jeff Meeks, Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Special Education Directors meeting, May 7 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Robbie Koerperich, ADE Accountability Town Hall, May 12 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Tanya Phaturos and Jeri McKinnon, Arizona Gear Up, May 7 and 8 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $651.50, plus use of a district vehicle; and Sylvia Jackson, 20th Navajo Studies Conference, May 28-30 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $743, plus use of a district vehicle.

* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers totaling $620,297.18, and payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,206,539.84.

* Approved fundraisers including HHS boys’ basketball Alumni Basketball Game on July 25 for estimated earnings of $1,000 for summer camps; HHS boys basketball Youth Basketball Tourney, June 12 and 13 for estimated earnings of $1,500 for summer camps; HHS Class of 2018, Video Game Tournament June through December for estimated earnings of $500; HHS Class of 2018 car wash in June or July; and HHS Class of 2018 Wild West Days Booth in July for estimated earnings of $125.