Jul 282015

Shasta & Company Rodeo Events held a Snowflake Pioneer Days barrel race qualifier July 23 at the Linden Valley Arena.

Results for Open Barrels follow.

In 1-D competition, Megan Stock, riding Cash, won with a time of 17.959, earning $221.13, followed by Shasta Van Cleave on Pokey in 18.080, earning $165.85; Kallie Brannon on Nitro in 18.194, earning $110.57; Lisa Johnson on Cutie in 18.254, earning $55.28; Nikki Muzrall on Peanut in 18.258; London Willis on Macy Grey in 18.275; and Regan Starns on Bitty in 18.354.

In 2-D competition, Cindy Irvine, riding Freckles, won with a time of 18.462, earning $189.54, followed by Briana Finch on Short Bus in 18.569, earning $142.15; Dereck Curley on Romeo in 18.570, earning $94.77; Staci Hancock on Dynamite in 18.572, earning $47.38; Pandy Wyatt on Sam in 18.615; Bailee Bain on Kody in 18.624; Jayme Fish on Flyboy in 18.678; Rosita Singer on Dixie in 18.688; London Willis on Twistin’ Wizz in 18.707; Shana Hamblin on Annie in 18.721; Brigitte Kennison on Halle in 18.733; Jayme Fish on Chisholm in 18.756; Bailee Bain on Lena in 18.775; Kallie Brannon on Zip in 18.786; Pandy Wyatt on Lena in 18.805; Annabelle Hampton on Sweet Tea in 18.867; Laura Flake on Dealer in 18.894; and Halle Householder on Babe in 18.898.

In 3-D competition, Leah Rosales, riding Tecate, won with a time of 18.995, earning $126.36, followed by Codi Ross on Hoss in 19.012, earning $94.77; Jennifer Rogers on Pest in 19.102, earning $63.18; Racea Finch on Zip in 19.173, earning $31.59; Carolee DeWitt on Jet in 19.190; Guy Lewis on Teaser in 19.216; Tyree Hancock on Chile in 19.226; Bonnie Fenstermaker on Kaid in 19.541; Audrey Foster on Midge in 19.618; Briana Finch on Uno in 19.689; Tammy Davis on Rocky in 19.706; Laura Flake on Hank in 19.728; Korie Keith on Faith in 19.757; Alexandra Jeffers-Sample on Houston and Presley Flake on Sandy, both in 19.836; and Taylor Foster on Toko in 19.935.

In 4-D competition, Michele Stock, riding Zinger, won with a time of 19.984, earning $94.77, followed by Michele Ulibarri on Pepsi in 20.120, earning $71.08; Michele Ulibarri on Mea in 20.140, earning $47.38; Tyree Hancock on Slick in 20.231, earning $23.69; Payton Plant on Chocolate Chip in 20.262; Staci Hancock on Miss Booger Dude in 20.306; Sylvia Kennison on Emma in 20.323; Shada Rogers on Horse in 20.434; Mercedes Maywald on Sonrisa in 20.920; Codi Ross on Corona in 21.439; and Ashley-Lynn Lightfoot on Luna, Ashley Puente on Montana and Terri Saba on Fendi, all with no time.