Sep 042015


By Linda Kor

Young and old alike took the challenge last Saturday and competed in Holbrook’s first Dirty Bird Mud Run. More than 100 competitors took part in the 5K that traversed through mud, tires, boxes and even bubbles. The City of Holbrook organized the event, which drew participants from throughout the region.

Dirty Bird 20153

Photo by Matthew Barger

The run consisted of climbing, running and even crawling to get through the course.

Dirty Bird 20154

Photo by Matthew Barger

Jillian Brown (left) and Lisa Lampsa (right) of Joseph City pushed through the course like warriors, making it look easier than it actually was.

Dirty Bird 20155

Photo by Matthew Barger

Assistant City Manager Randy Sullivan looked pleased at the success of the mud run, the course of which he designed. He reportedly ran the course multiple times in the days before the event to ensure that it was both challenging and accessible for all ages to enjoy.

*Dirty Bird 20151

Photo by Nolan Madden

The Dirty Bird Mud Run held last Saturday in Holbrook was fun for participants and spectators alike as runners made their way through everything from soap bubbles to mud. Kevin Self of Holbrook (right) faces the challenge of the three-mile-plus course with one of his friends. For more photos of the event, please turn to Page .