Oct 012015


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     Christine Ulibarri Gallegos Woods passed away on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015. Mass will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 2300 Sunridge Heights Parkway in Henderson, Nev. A Celebration of Life luncheon will immediately follow in the Sierra Room at the Henderson Convention Center, 200 S. Water St.

Once upon a time, on Jan. 19, 1947, in the land of St. Johns, a child was born to Sabino and Nora Ulibarri. There she had eight brothers, Rueben, Clofis, Ermanis, Lalo, Herman, Gene, Louie and Phillip, and four sisters, Zella, Priscilla, Evelyn and Gina.

When she was a few hours old her parents performed a noble and kind act.

You see Sabino’s sister Pansy and her husband Frank Gallegos were grieving the loss of their own little girl and in an effort to help heal their pain, they gifted their daughter to be raised in the land of Holbrook as Christine Gallegos.

The lucky little girl then had one more sister, DoraMae Salas, and three more brothers, Lawrence, Jacinto and Leonard Gallegos.

Christy, as she had become lovingly called, lived her life among all as one family–aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, dads and moms.

She was by nature a caregiver, so when she chose nursing as her profession it was no surprise. She worked in the local hospital until she was 29. It was there she met her prince charming and her true fairy tale began.

Sir Donald Woods was from the Kingdom of California, after a long courtship they were married April 15, 1978, and she became his “Chrissie”.

They moved to the town of Santa Barbara, where they helped raise Donald’s daughter Michelle, who now has two children of her own, Deanna and Brandon.

They also helped with the care of Jenifer and Daniel Jolley, who affectionately named her Aunt T.T.

They spent their years traveling, shopping, going to movies, reading and loved the local live theater.

When Sir Donald retired they traveled to the land of Henderson, where she live out the rest of her days.

She took great joy in decorating the birdhouses he made, and giving them to family and friends for their special occasions. She loved her cookie jar collection, writing poems, talking on the phone and her carriage rides to drop by and see all of us.

One hot September day, the 11th of September, 2015, while we went about our day her fairy tale life on earth came to an end with her cherished prince charming at her side.

The Lord whispered to her, “My Christine, Christy, Chrissy and Aunt T.T. You have lived a blessed life. Now I, your only father, have come to give you new life Happily Ever After….

In loving memory by

Lisa Marie Gallegos Jolley