Jan 012016

If you enjoy watching plays as an audience member, but also feel an itch to be on stage, consider auditioning for Northland Pioneer College’s Spring production of W. Somerset Maugham’s play The Constant Wife at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, Jan. 12 and 14, at the NPC Performing Arts Center on the Snowflake/Taylor-Silver Creek Campus, 1611 S. Main St.
Performing Arts Director Dr. Mike Solomonson recommends preparing a one-minute comic or dramatic monologue of your choice. There will also be cold readings from the script as part of the audition process. The play contains mild adult language, and has roles for five women and four men.
Maugham is a renowned novelist for such works as Of Human Bondage, a short story writer and playwright. His genius for the understatement, his mastery of witty and wise dialogue, and his perfection of characterization meet in this high comedy of modern marital entanglement that was first performed in 1927, starring Ethel Barrymore, and which has been revived a number of times in the years since its debut.
In A Constant Wife, Maugham takes us into the drawing room, and regales us with a delightful and debonair comedy of civilized marriage–and civilized love. Constance, the constant wife of the title, spends most of her time trying not to be told that her husband is involved in a love affair. When all the complications of well-meaning friends watching for a crack in the marital defenses, an old lover and of a mother who believes in the double standard, snowball to a showdown, Constance concocts a sauce that is as good for the gander as it is for the goose.
Questions about The Constant Wife auditions or spring 2016 performing arts classes can be directed to Solomonson at (928) 536-6217.