Jan 202016

By Linda Kor
Illegal drugs valued at nearly $8 million were seized by the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in 2015.
According to a report by the Major Crimes Apprehension Team (MCAT), more than 1,477 pounds of marijuana with a street value of more than $4,125,687 were seized, approximately 800 pounds less than the previous year. In addition to the packaged marijuana, 29 plants valued at $130,810 were seized, down from 73 in 2014.
The methamphetamine seized came to a total of nearly 50 pounds with a street value of more than $2.2 million. That breaks down to 22,542 doses. In the previous year, MCAT seized a total of 177 pounds of methamphetamine.
Nearly 19 pounds of heroin with a value of $847,932 was confiscated. That breaks down to 8,479 doses and was four pounds more than the previous year.
Thirteen pounds of cocaine with a street value of $620,806 were seized in 2015, two pounds more than the previous year, and 1.5 pounds of hashish with a street value of $11,733, about 3.5 pounds less than the year before.
It was also noted that 340 dosage units of illegally obtained prescription drugs valued at $6,753 were seized, 41 doses more than the previous year, but nearly double the value.
In addition, the task force made 241 drug-related arrests, 36 arrests that were not drug-related and seized 47 firearms valued at $14,964.
Although the MCAT task force’s primary goal is narcotics enforcement, last year the team was successful in locating multiple suspects that were involved in identity theft, with several using credit card embossing machines and scanners to convert the credit cards into instant cash.
“The identity theft cases are very difficult and time consuming to deal with. We had one incident in Heber with 25 to 30 victims involved, and another where a suspect had literally thousands of credit card numbers,” explained Task Force Commander Randy Moffitt. “With advancing technology, we’re seeing a lot more of this type of crime.”
MCAT detectives also assisted with several 2015 homicides and a recent officer involved shooting in Apache County.