Jan 292016

By Nolan Madden
A new educational agreement between Northland Pioneer College and the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office was approved by county officials this week, with the goal of expanding NCSO’s in-house medical capabilities.
Sheriff K.C. Clark explained the background of the proposal to the Board of Supervisors Jan. 26, noting, “We provide medical services in the adult and juvenile detention centers, and we are making considerable improvements and meeting the demands of new medical technology.
“We’ve partnered with Summit Medical Center to help provide some of these services at our correctional facilities, including telemedicine, which allows a doctor to see a patient without having to physically be at the jail.”
Clark pointed out that only medical assistants or registered nurses are authorized to use telemedicine equipment.
Because the sheriff’s office does not have any medical assistants on staff, the agency would like to expose students in the NPC Medical Assistant Program to the field of correctional health by offering them a unique opportunity.
“We would like to offer our facility for the MAP students to receive their clinical education and experience. This will require our current registered nurses to become certified preceptors so they can have the medical assistant students work alongside them,” said Clark.
“It is our hope that these students will gain a desired interest in correctional health, and we will be able to employ future graduates who already possess the necessary training and skills we require.”
In other action, the board:
* Approved the appointment of Jerry McGraw as White Mountain Lakes County Recreation Improvement District Advisory Committee chair.
Also approved was the amendment of the district’s by-laws under membership, to read as follows: No member of the advisory board shall be employed by the White Mountain Lakes County Recreation District, The Irrigation District or Navajo County to avoid conflict of interest.
* Approved acceptance of the resignation of Madeline “Pauline” Hernandez as constable for the Winslow Precinct, effective Jan. 31, and the appointment of Suzanne Smith to fill the vacancy, effective Feb. 1. Hernandez will be relocating to Coconino County.
* Approved public works funding in an amount not to exceed $10,541.88 from District V Special Road Funds for Cibecue community street lighting.
* Approved a cost increase for the Woodruff/Snowflake Bridge construction project, which is expected to go to bid for construction in May.
Navajo County Public Works has been working with the Arizona Department of Transportation and Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. (EEC) for 100 percent construction plans.
Originally, EEC completed a categorical exclusion document for the environmental portion of the design. However, the Bureau of Land Management required an environmental
assessment document since the project was under a different title.
Since the Federal Highways Administration was not the lead in project, the environmental assessment document is required. This will increase the cost by $30,518, including an ADOT review fee of $4,000.
* Approved adoption of an amended ordinance to monitor floodplain management around the state.
* Approved acceptance of a settlement agreement between the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) and taxpayers (Snowflake Power/Novo Biopower v. Arizona Department of Revenue; Navajo County et. al.) for the resolution of pending tax appeals for tax years 2013-2016.
The property is centrally assessed by the ADOR rather than the county assessor.
Even though Navajo County does not assess the property, it is named as a defendant in this action because it will be obligated to refund any tax payments received from the taxpayer that may come about as a result of the outcome of this litigation.
Because the county is a named party, the Board of Supervisors must approve any settlement reached in this case.
* Received a finance update from County Finance Director James Menlove.
* Approved the consent agenda, including Jan. 12, 2016, meeting minutes, Clerk of the Superior Court and Juvenile Probation reports for Dec. 2015, and Justice Court Reports for Holbrook Precinct No. 1, Winslow Precinct No. 2, Snowflake Precinct No. 3, Kayenta Precinct No. 4, Show Low Precinct No. 5 and Pinetop-Lakeside Precinct No. 6 for Dec 2015.
Constable reports were approved for Holbrook Precinct No. 1, Dec. 2015; Winslow Precinct No. 2, October, November and December 2015; and Pinetop-Lakeside Precinct No. 6, December 2015.
Board committee appointments for 2016 were also approved.
Elections for the City of Winslow, Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement District and White Mountain Special Road District on May 17 were approved.
The supervisors granted permission for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to represent Navajo County in connection with the county being named as a party to tax appeals involving centrally assessed property valued by the Arizona Department of Revenue (SolarCity Corporation v. ADOR et. al. and UNS Energy/Tucson Electric Power v. ADOR/Navajo County et. al.). The property is located in whole or in part in Navajo County.
Right of way certification for SB 448 Woodruff/Snowflake Bridge was approved.
Approval to name an unnamed existing road in the Heber-Overgaard area First Avenue was granted.
A fiscal year 2016 Field Trainer Grant application was approved. This is an annual grant application submitted by the courts. The Arizona Supreme Court funds $25,000 toward the employee’s salary and employee-related expenses, while the courts fund the remaining total from general funds, local Judicial Collections Enhancement Fund and Fill-The-Gap funds.
An amended intergovernmental agreement for the creation of the Northeast Arizona Regional Dispatch Center was approved.
Professional services contracts with Roman Bitsui for consultant services as tribal liaison in the amount of $1,000 per month plus travel expenses, with Tetra Tech for the Hay Hollow Wash Crossing, and with Woodson Engineering and Surveying were approved.
A letter of congratulations to Garrett Silversmith, newly appointed executive director of the Navajo Division of Transportation, was approved.
A letter to Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick regarding the Little Colorado River at Winslow Flood
Risk Management Feasibility Study was approved.
Sympathy letters to Randall Declay Sr., and the families of June Foard and Cameron Crandell were approved.
* Approved the Navajo County Public Health Services District consent agenda, including: contract amendment No. 1 between Navajo County Public Health Services District and Public Health Partners, LLC, Wade Kartchner, M.D., MPH, director for public health medical consultation and alternative medical examiner services for May 4, 2015, to June 30, 2016.
The next regular board meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 9, at the county complex in Holbrook.