Feb 232016

The Snowflake High School Music Department will present the musical, Li’l Abner, Thursdays through Saturdays, March 3-5 and 10-12 at the SHS Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5 each.
Based upon the beloved comic strip of the same name, Li’l Abner features cartoonist Al Capp’s world famous characters placed in an upbeat musical extravaganza. The story is set in Dogpatch, U.S.A., a quaint mountain town where Kickapoo Joy Juice is the drink of choice and maidens have to catch their prospective husbands in the Sadie Hawkins Race.
Two casts will be featured this year, with Kaylee Davis and Meeka Bateman playing Daisy Mae, who has her eye on Li’l Abner, played by Kegan Bjornn and McKay Flake. Kegan and Kaylee with their Kickapoo cast will perform on March 4, 10 and 12, while Meeka and McKay with their Moonshine cast will perform on March 3, 5 and 11. All performances begin at 7 p.m.