Mar 032016

The Electronic Fingerprint Application System (EFAS) is up and running, allowing Arizonans the convenience of applying for a fingerprint clearance card online. Electronic submission of the applications will dramatically reduce the time necessary to process and issue cards. Teachers, real estate agents and foster parents, just to name a few, will be able to apply for licenses or go to work sooner due to the quicker turn around times EFAS will create. Currently, the process for a fingerprint clearance card can take up to four weeks or longer to complete.
To apply for a fingerprint clearance card online, customers will have to visit the Fieldprint website at, or through the provided link on the Arizona Department of Public Safety website at under Fingerprint Clearance Cards/Online Application and begin the process by opening an account, completing the electronic application and scheduling an appointment to have their fingerprints electronically “live scanned” at participating vendors statewide. A convenience fee of $7.95 to use EFAS is required, but there is no change to the fingerprint clearance card application fees.
The electronic processing method will potentially cut away three to four weeks of processing. Applicants with no criminal history could have a clearance card in-hand in just a couple days. Customers will see time and money savings, while the DPS will see an increase in staffing efficiency.
The technology is already in use by various states around the country and will not cost DPS any money to implement. The current paper application process will still remain available to the public.
“The EFAS system will take our agency to less than one percent in fingerprint error processing and will greatly reduce the one thousand-plus paper applications that we regularly receive each day. The customer may also see that it is cheaper than the current paper method when taking postage and fingerprinting fees into account,” said Captain Stephen Enteman of the DPS Technical Services Division.