Mar 172016

*Winslow flood map
Photo by Linda Kor
The yellow strip on this map indicates the area that will no longer be included in the flood plain. The northern portion begins just northwest of Walmart, then moves southeast to the southern boundary of Front Street, then continues east to Flying J Travel Plaza.

By Linda Kor
Winslow’s new flood map became official March 2 and that is good news for the owners of approximately 900 homes and businesses in the city who have been paying for extra insurance, but are now out of the flood plain.
City officials recommend owners check with their mortgage company to determine if they’re now in the new Zone X as opposed to the Zone A, then visit with their insurance agent to determine if they may be eligible to receive a refund on policies already paid for the remainder of the year.
A larger map identifying the specific areas affected by the change is also available at the Winslow city offices at 21 N. Williamson Ave.