Mar 232016

By Nolan Madden
With the last vestige of 2015 officially behind us (winter ended on March 19), the following is a look at the 7,423 total recorded incidences occurring within the City of Holbrook during the fiscal year, as recently summarized by the Holbrook Police Department.
One homicide, 119 traffic accidents resulting in two fatalities, seven injury accidents, 13 offenses involving weapons, 25 sex offenses, 49 burglaries and 47 cases involving possession of controlled substances were documented.
Also logged were 111 total assaults, including aggravated and regular assaults, 293 domestic disturbance calls (20 cases involved weapons, 10 involved other dangerous implements), 143 vandalized properties, 899 traffic stops, 806 arrests (738 adults, 68 juveniles), 249 disorderly conduct calls and 14 dead bodies reported (two resulting from exposure; also includes death from natural causes).
Of the total recorded incidences, said Holbrook Police Chief Mark Jackson, the above stats comprise 2,769 of the total calls received. The rest, he noted, were calls taken for medical and other emergency response requests.
Among criminal investigations, the homicide was probed alongside 10 cases of deceased persons, with no foul play found to be involved in those 10 cases, two vehicular fatalities, 10 sex offense cases are pending, 20 sex offenses deemed inactive or unfounded, and 15 sex offenses resulting in arrest.
Additionally, 27 sex offense registration checks were made within the city, resulting in four arrests; the 23 remaining offenders were found to be in compliance.
Criminal investigations also included nine child abuse cases, one rape case, one kidnapping case, four child pornography cases (two arrests were made, two are pending), one wanted sex offender arrested with the assistance of Colorado law enforcement and two stabbing arrests.
Two aggravated assault arrests are still pending. Three fraud cases were recorded, as well as two drug cases, one weapons violation resulting in an arrest, one burglary case resulting in an arrest, two vehicle thefts resulting in an arrest, one structure fire deemed accidental, five thefts resulting in three arrests, one is pending and one is a civil claim.
One animal cruelty arrest was made. Two missing persons cases were opened, with one currently listed as inactive, one closed because the individual was located, along with one juvenile problem case now listed as inactive.
For the above incidents, 54 search warrants were conducted, being subpoenaed to court six times.
The HPD entered 1,515 database articles of collected evidence, destroyed 1,199 articles of evidence, and destroyed 381 items of illegal drugs and paraphernalia.
Six criminal history checks involving weapons were conducted, 146 persons were fingerprinted, 20 articles were submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for examination and 82 items were submitted to the Arizona Department of Public Safety for examination.
A total of $2,356.75 of abandoned money was collected, which will be turned over to the city, three weapons were returned to their owners and 60 personal items were returned to citizens. Twelve certified letters were mailed to notify owners to retrieve their personal property from the police department.
An audit of four fiscal years of HPD evidence records was completed, with the ongoing review still in progress.