Mar 302016

Dawn Of The Dinosaurs Event
Planned Saturday At La Posada
Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be featured during a presentation, film screening and book signing planned from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 2, at La Posada Hotel in Winslow.
The day of the dinosaurs had a dawn, the Late Triassic was it, and this time on Earth has captured the imaginations of people worldwide. Explore this extraordinary slice of Earth’s history–a time when great reptiles roamed and the first dinosaurs appeared on our planet. Discover what the Chinle Formation reveals about this part of the world more than 200 million years ago and learn about vital, ongoing research at Petrified Forest National Park.
Participants will include Christa Sadler, author of Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Bill Parker, PhD, coauthor of Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Triassic Park filmaker George Sibley.
This free event is family-friendly and all are welcome. The book Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be available for sale at this event.